Paintings and drawings from Dordrecht

The Dordts Patrician House possesses a collection of paintings and drawings by Dordrecht painters who were active at the end of the 18th to the beginning of the 19th century. Particularly noteworthy are the fireplace pieces by the Dordrecht artist Cornelis Kuipers. This painter was a contemporary of the much more famous brothers Abraham and Jacob van Strij.

Cornelis Kuipers was born on July 23, 1739, as the son of Hendrik Kuipers and Cornelia van Nispen. He spent his apprenticeship in The Hague and, after completing his training, returned to his hometown of Dordrecht. In addition to chimney pieces, Kuipers painted landscapes, flower still lifes, and a group portrait of the Dordrecht Blussé family. He also created a series of decorative paintings. Unfortunately, these are in very poor condition and are located in the City Depot of Dordrecht.

In addition to works by Cornelis Kuipers, the collection also includes works by other artists such as A. Schouman, J.C. Schotel, and L. de Koningh. Furthermore, the museum has received artworks and 18th-century objects on loan from the Dordrechts Museum and the Huis van Gijn museum.


The interior of the Dordts Patrician House consists of a broad collection of furniture in the Louis XVI style and various objects from that period.

Household items

The Dordts Patrician House has a collection of eighteenth-century household items to complete the historical atmosphere in the cozy house museum.

Recent Acquisition

Recently, the museum has been able to acquire an 18th-century “pyramid of glass” from Kunsthandel Frides Laméris in Amsterdam. These were placed in the center of the table as a “centerpiece” during dessert. A glass pyramid (or tower) consists of a number of stacked tazzas with small glasses of different shapes on top. A dessert tower with clear and shiny lead glass, the many colors of fruits and desserts, created an impressive effect. As far as is known, there are no “pyramids of glass” in Dutch museums! More information about this acquisition can be found in the contribution by Anna Laméris in the book published on the occasion of the first anniversary.

desserttoren in vitrine
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