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The Three Rivers Confluence in Dordrecht

At the Dordts Patrician House, a museum on the Maas, you not only relive the 18th century but also enjoy a magnificent view of the Three Rivers Confluence in Dordrecht from the Maas Room. From this stylish room, you can see the confluence of the Merwede, Noord, and Oude Maas rivers. This makes it a unique museum in Dordrecht.

Did you know that the Three Rivers Confluence in Dordrecht is the busiest waterway junction in all of Europe? This makes it a true eye-catcher that you shouldn’t miss!

Dordrecht painters from the 18th and 19th centuries

The Dordts Patrician House displays various works by 18th and early 19th-century Dordrecht painters, such as Cornelis Kuipers, Aert Schouman, J.C. Schotel, and L. de Koningh. More information about these Dordrecht painters from the 18th and 19th centuries can be found on our collection page.”

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The Three Rivers Confluence in Dordrecht 1

About the Dordts Patricianhouse

Front view
Maas room
In our museum in Dordrecht, you can discover how affluent citizens lived at the end of the 18th century. The style rooms on the ground floor are furnished in the style of Louis XVI. The highlight of the museum is the round Maas room with a view of the busiest three-river junction in Europe.

The atmospheric basement often hosts exhibitions of contemporary art. In this space with its historical beams and unique views, two historical films are also shown, so that those interested in our national history can also get their money's worth.

As can be read in the many positive Google reviews, our museum in Dordrecht offers a "one stop shop" for a fun and educational afternoon where there is also something to experience for your (grand)children! While you enjoy a free cup of coffee or tea, our passionate volunteers are happy to tell you more about this special building, which until recently was still used as a residence.

Outside of museum opening hours, you can also come to us for wedding photos, photo shoots, meetings, and private dining.