Landscape painters from Dordrecht

In two style rooms, you can still see two “fireplace pieces” by the Dordrecht painter Cornelis Kuipers. This prompted the last residents to start collecting more works by this relatively unknown Dordrecht landscape painter.

As his body of work is relatively small, the decision was made to also collect paintings from other painters who were active in Dordrecht around 1800. The most well-known and talented artist of the 18th century was Aert Schouman (1710 – 1792).

The museum also possesses an impressive painting by Johannes Christianus Schotel (1787 – 1838), widely regarded as the best marine painter of the 19th century. View beautiful pieces by landscape painters from Dordrecht at the Dordts Patrician House.

Landscape painters from Dordrecht 1

About the Dordts Patricianhouse

Front view
Maas room
In our museum in Dordrecht, you can discover how affluent citizens lived at the end of the 18th century. The style rooms on the ground floor are furnished in the style of Louis XVI. The highlight of the museum is the round Maas room with a view of the busiest three-river junction in Europe.

The atmospheric basement often hosts exhibitions of contemporary art. In this space with its historical beams and unique views, two historical films are also shown, so that those interested in our national history can also get their money's worth.

As can be read in the many positive Google reviews, our museum in Dordrecht offers a "one stop shop" for a fun and educational afternoon where there is also something to experience for your (grand)children! While you enjoy a free cup of coffee or tea, our passionate volunteers are happy to tell you more about this special building, which until recently was still used as a residence.

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